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N*Sync: Great Boy Band

Music Throw Back: Glenn Miller a Colorado Native

Okay time to combine the best of Colorado and Music–with a tad bit of history.

Glenn Miller was originally from Ft. Morgan, Colorado and to this day one can visit the Glen Miller exhibit right there in Ft. Morgan at the public library (just a hop skip and a jump down the street from the movie theatre).

Glenn Miller specialized in trombone and the big band swing. Want a sample of his music? Play the music video below. Totally awesome.

Awesome Movie

Sean Paul Music Video

Sean Paul Concert 2011

Yes, I do realize that this was a few months ago, but in December, my sister and went to see Sean Paul here in Denver. I’ve pretty much loved Sean Paul when I first saw his video “Gimme The Light” when I think I was about 20ish. So a long time. Back then I really didnt go to any concerts so I have no idea if he came to Colorado before now. Im sure he did, I was just too lame to know about it. lol So local radio station Hot 107.1 was doing a promo where you got to see Sean Paul for “free!” My sis and I just had to be there. It technically wasnt free, because you had to pay for a drink purchase at the door, which was $12, but that was pretty much the deal of the year to see my Sean Paul.  Seriously obsessed with his music. The concert was really fun. It was the first time I had been to a dance style show. My typical shows are metal and punk, so this was a new experience for me. I can quite literally say that I have never danced so much for so long in my entire life. It was so much fun. The radio station had quite a bit of entertainment lined up for us as well. We had live dancers, a fire show, a lingere show, a few dance crews, local artists 20:12 and hypnotic, both of whom were awesome! For the show itself, Sean Paul sounded just as amazing live as he does on cd. He’s looking even hotter in person! Loving the mohawk!!! It was a general admission show, so there was plenty of space to get up front. I had only 2 people standing in front of me, so that was cool. And of course what concert experience would be complete without some fights? We had those too, but they were cat fights, so even better for entertainment!! All in all, I hope he comes back to Colorado, cause Im so there!!!

Awesome Music!!!

Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin EP

Released: 2001

Breaking Benjamin EP

Track Info

  1. Home
  2. Medicate
  3. Polyamorous
  4. Water
  5. Shallow Bay


Released: August 27th, 2002


Track Info

  1. Wish I May (3:58) Lyrics
  2. Medicate (3:45) Lyrics
  3. Polyamorous (2:57) Lyrics
  4. Skin (3:20) Lyrics
  5. Natural Life (4:00) Lyrics
  6. Next to Nothing (3:43) Lyrics
  7. Water (4:12) Lyrics
  8. Home (3:37) Lyrics
  9. Phase (4:31) Lyrics
  10. No Games (3:35) Lyrics
  11. Sugarcoat (3:38) Lyrics
  12. Shallow Bay (4:05) Lyrics
  13. Forever (Bonus track attached to Shallow Bay) (3:54) Lyrics

The End of a Chapter

As I reflect over this past year/years I realize that 2012 will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Typically this type of things makes me a bit sad, melancholy and feeling restless. Not so this time. At the ripe old age of 29 I’m embracing change and the bumps in the road. Too much has happened and too much will happen Im sure to waste time being upset with change. This next year I can already tell will be one of much change for me and one of new beginnings.  Change is the spice of life right? I mean who wants to have a stagnant life? Each thing that comes across my path I try to learn from. I dont really do new years resolutions, but I am making a promise to myself this year to get and remain more healthy not just physically, but most importantly, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. That is my plan I am sticking to it!

Call for a Cause

No, it’s not a concert nor is it in Colorado. It’s not even human but humans can visit and partake in wonderful experiences.

Not wanting to travel to Arkansas just now?

Donate to a wonderful cause and help feed and preserve the world’s largest land animal–the Elephant.

Find out more and donate at

Riddles Elephant Sanctuary

Trail Ridge Road–Roller Coaster Driving

All content Compliments of Site

GRADE: The road was designed with a ruling grade generally less than 5% and never exceeding 7%, less that half as steep as the Fall River Road.

TURN RADIUS: Minimum radii for open curves were 100′ and 200′ on blind curves. Many curves were designed to sweep across but not dominate the landscape.

ROAD WIDTH: Unlike the single-track Fall River Road, Trail Ridge Road was designed as a two-lane with a 22′ roadbed and 3′ ditches in cut sections.

ELEVATION GIAN: The roadway was largely built into the hillside, elevated on rock fill once it reached tundra. Long continuous curves were used to gain elevation.

PULLOUTS: The commodious stone-wall turnouts, often located on major curves, provided ample space for visitors to take in the views.
A visit to Trail Ridge Road at night:
Two-thirds of the world’s population can no longer look upwards at night and see the Milky Way — a hazy swath of stars that on warm summer nights spans the sky from horizon to horizon. The Milky Way is dimming, not because the end of the Universe is near, but rather as a result of light pollution: the inadvertent illumination of the atmosphere from street lights, outdoor advertising, homes, schools, airports and other sources. Every night billions of bulbs send their energy skyward where microscopic bits of matter — air molecules, airborne dust, and water vapor droplets — reflect much of the wasted light back to Earth.

Atop Trail Ridge Road at night you can still see the Milky Way as you are far from the city lights of the Front Range and above almost 50% of the earth’s atmosphere that reflects the light pollution. On a clear night take a late evening ride and enjoy one of nature’s greatest light shows. Be sure to dress warmly and give your eyes a chance to adjust after you exit your vehicle. Can you find the Big Dipper, North Star, Orion, Sirius (the brightest star) and Virgo. You may have forgotten how many stars your can see: billions and billions.

Colorado: 16th Street Mall – Pedestrian Mall–Denver

Located in the Heart of Denver, the 16th street mall offers wonderful shops for all sorts and budgets.

A lovely trolley system helps get you around if you don’t feel like walking and a lite rail system helps make the travels even easier.

The Adam’s Mark is also located on the 16th Street Mall and offers a wonderful and tasteful staying experience so you never have to leave the comforts of beautiful downtown Denver.

The best feature yet of the 16th street mall? The Tattered Book Cover. The Book Site says it best:

” Inside the Tattered Cover there are books galore, but did you know we have a “store within a store” brimming with gifts, greeting cards, chocolates, teas, coffee, Tattered Cover baseball caps, bookbags, coffee mugs, t-shirts & oodles of other stuff? You’ll find everything from reading glasses& journals to puzzles & cuddly stuffed toys for the kids. Sincewe’re always mixing it up with our selection of sidelines, the best wayto find the perfect gift or accessory for you is to come in and browse but if you have something specific in mind, call the Tattered Cover closest to you and ask, or send us an email to We’ll be happy to help and we’ll even giftwrap and ship your selections for you.  ”

Visiting? Relocating? Click Denver to see and experience more.

Colorado Local

Colorado is a beautiful state to live in, inspiring the masses (okay that may be a bit of an exaggeration but I like to think it is true!) but I know for certain it has inspired one particular Designer. Anna Potthoff, doing work under Elephants Wind title. Her work inspires me, as much as Colorado beauty moves me.

Ms. Potthoff was was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Colorado where farmers and ranchers are a plenty and not a single stoplight exists in the town. Growing up on a farm with crop farming parents, she spent a great deal of time in the great out doors, working with animals and helping on the farm when not attending school.

Ms. Potthoff moved to North Carolina a few years back, in part to go to college but also to experience more of the United States, feeling to really know a place you  must live it to get it.

She was kind enough to share some images of some work she has done. If you would like to see more, please click here


I really enjoy their music, especially while driving and while around the house, doing things I love really helps out when you got some pumping good music going.

Hinder has a raw masculinity that I find very apprealing in their music with great lyrics, too. Please click on the blue links below to listen to some of their music. Enjoy!


Meatloaf–Delicous Enough to Eat (so I will go to a concert!)

Date City Country Venue Attendance Notes
10/01/2011 Australia Melbourne, VIC Australia Melbourne Cricket Ground 100,000[2] Guest performer at the Toyota AFL Grand Final
10/04/2011 Australia Wollongong, NSW Australia WIN Entertainment Centre
10/06/2011 Australia Brisbane, QLD Australia Brisbane Entertainment Centre
10/08/2011 Australia Hunter Valley, NSW Australia A Day On The Green – Bimbadgen Winery
10/12/2011 Australia Sydney, NSW Australia Sydney Entertainment Centre Filmed for DVD release
10/14/2011 Australia Melbourne, VIC Australia Rod Laver Arena
10/15/2011 Australia Yarra Valley, VIC Australia A Day On The Green, Rochford Wines
10/19/2011 Australia Adelaide, SA Australia Adelaide Entertainment Centre
10/22/2011 Australia Perth, WA Australia nib Stadium
10/26/2011 New Zealand Wellington, NZ New Zealand TSB Bank Arena
10/28/2011 New Zealand Tauranga, NZ New Zealand Baypark Arena
10/29/2011 New Zealand Auckland, NZ New Zealand Vector Arena

Colorado Feature: Music Legend Glenn Miller-

On March 1, 1989, Glenn Miller’s daughter, Jonnie Dee Miller, purchased the home where her father was born 85 years earlier. Following the purchase of the home, the Glenn Miller Foundation was formed to oversee the home’s restoration.

At that time, very little was known about the house as it existed in 1904. Luckily, news of the purchase was picked up by the Associated Press and appeared in newspapers around the world. As a result of this publicity, letters were sent to Clarinda from as far away as Russia and Japan. One letter from Bob Watson of Salem, Oregon, proved to be very valuable. His parents had purchased the house from the Miller’s in 1907 and he knew a great deal about the site. As a result of this letter, several photographs of the house were received from the Watson family.

Glenn Miller Birthplace Home (birthome.jpg 25550 bytes)In March of 1991, the major restoration project was begun. A 1912 addition to the home was removed and the original roof line was restored. The two main rooms of the house had the original floors and many of the lathe and plaster walls remained. By carefully observing small clues, the missing details were restored so that the house is now back to its original style as in 1904. Furnishings of the era have been added to give visitors a feeling for the early life of the Miller family. The location has now become an important place for all who love Glenn Miller and his music.

(Information Courtesy of Glenn Miller Foundation)

Sample of  Glenn Miller Photos and Music

It is the goal of the Glenn Miller Foundationto improve and maintain the home so that it can be enjoyed by visitors from around the world.  If you would like to help in this effort, you may make tax deductible donations to:

Glenn Miller Foundation
122 West Garfield
Clarinda, Iowa 51632 U.S.A.

Phone/Fax: 712-542-2461

Colorado Feature: Stanley Hotel @ Estes Park

Ever see the movie “The Shinning” by Stephen King?

“Unlike “The Overlook” which had been past its prime (although still had seasonal guests), the Stanley is a thriving hotel, made even more famous by its reputation for ghosts which while not the chilling variety of “the Overlook” still intrigue guests.”


The Following Movie Clip was filmed in Estes Park, Colorado–please enjoy BIG GAME

Want more? Look at


Stanley Hotel         Estes Park

Dir En Grey–totally awesome!

Name Artist Time Price
1 Kyoukotsu No Nari Dir En Grey 1:58
2 The Blossoming Beelzebub Dir En Grey 7:35
3 Different Sense Dir En Grey 5:03
4 Amon Dir En Grey 4:03
5 “Yokusou Ni Dreambox” Aruiwa… Dir En Grey 4:49
6 Juuyoku Dir En Grey 3:28
7 Shitataru Mourou Dir En Grey 4:02
8 Lotus Dir En Grey 4:03
9 Diabolos Dir En Grey 9:52
10 Akatsuki Dir En Grey 3:33
11 Decayed Crow Dir En Grey 3:48
12 Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No N… Dir En Grey 4:03
13 Vanitas Dir En Grey 5:27
14 Ruten No Tou Dir En Grey 4:30
15 Rasetsukoku Dir En Grey 4:36
16 Amon (Symphonic Version) Dir En Grey 4:57
Total: 16 Songs

My Favorite Bands

Halloween Design


Track Listing:
1. Diamond Eyes
2. Royal
4. You’ve Seen The Butcher
5. Beauty School
6. Prince
7. Rocket Skates
8. Sextape
9. Risk
10. 976-EVIL
11. This Place Is Death (BGCDDT01)

Information and Image courtesy of

Eighteen Wheeler

I have seen this band perform over 15 times and it just gets better every time.

Concert–BackStreet Boys

The famous boy band is amazing in concert! Love to hear them and watch them perform.


Trivia pulled from a website:

The Backstreet Boys are: Nick Carter (b. 28 January 1980); Brian Littrell (b. 20 February 1975); Howie Dorough (b. 22 August 1973); Kevin Scott Richardson (b. 3 October 1971); and A.J. McLean (b. 9 January 1978).

The ‘Backstreet Boys’ have been together for over 16 years and have sold over 100 million albums world wide.

Got the name “Backstreet Boys” from an Orlando flea market called the Backstreet Market.

Was a musical guest at the swedish talk show TV-Huset (Oktober 2005)

As of June 23, 2006, Kevin Scott Richardson announced he is leaving the Backstreet Boys after 13 years with them.

I Want It That Way was named #3 on VH1’s Greatest Songs of the 90s. (2007).

The Backstreet Boys were the first group since Sade to have their first seven albums debut in top 10 of the Billboard Charts.


Where Are They Now

(August 2005) Currently on tour, the Backstreet Boys have released their newest single, “Just Want You To Know”.

(May 2008) Presently doing their world-tour for their album “Unbreakable”.

Hillbilly Hellcats

Hilbilly Hellcats are one of many bands that I thoroughly enjoy. Click on link below to enjoy some of their music! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Fall 2011

Well autumn here in Colorado is in full beautiful swing. It feels like we are actually having an autumn here this year. Most years fall is almost like an extension of summer, maybe like a week of traditional fall weather and then boom right into winter. We have an indian summer almost every year, so this year has been a very pleasant suprise. I have no plans for autumn this year unfortunately, but I do intend to fully enjoy the changing leaves as much as I can on the drive to work every day. Perhaps I will take a drive up to Estes Park which is in the mountains, but we will have to see how things play out. Im not much of a planner when it comes to events and doing things on my time off. Im try to be very organized with my time during the work week and with my things, but Im a play it by ear kind of person otherwise. I always have this thought going on in the back of my head that this is really the last chance to do something outdoorsy until next summer. I dont do winter….like at all. I despise cold weather and well spring in Colorado is too wet and windy to do much outside. So summer is my time and well I just always think about doing stuff outside in fall, but never really do it. I have only been to one corn maze in my whole life! There’s a new place that opened up not too far from where I live called Mile High Farms and I have heard great things about them. They have corn mazes and haunted houses, but also hay rides and they take you around the farm to show you their process. I really think it sounds pretty fun. Also a few of the local radio stations like 106.7 KBPI and HOT 107.1 have been doing some events out there. Maybe this year I will get off my rear and do something for autumn!

University of North Colorado–Pride of the Rockies Marching band

Ah! Well I Remember!
The UNC Alma Mater, “Ah! Well I Remember” is more than just a piece of music to the 165 members of the “Pride of the Rockies” Marching Band. As the band plays this piece before each home football event, the members of the “Pride of the Rockies,” past and present, are brought together to remember the friendships and relationships forged each year on the belief that “time shall never sever friends of Purple and Gold.”

(taken directly from

It’s Gonna Be Me–N*Sync July 2001

July of 2001 I attended a phenomenal concert at the Mile High Stadium–N*Sync as part of the “No Strings Attatched” Tour. I had a blast and a ball with a dear friend of mine. I will always think that Lance Bass is a hottie.


What a Video of N*Sync

Slippery When Wet–Bon Jovi Tribute Band



Saturday , October 1st
37 Main
37 E Main St
Buford, GA
10:00 p.m.

Thursday , October 6th
1375 Oceana Blvd
Virginia Beach , VA
9:30 p.m.

Friday , October 7th
2316 S. Croatan Hwy.
Nags Head , NC
10:00 p.m.

Saturday , October 8th
SC State Hog Rally
Barnet Park
248 East Saint John St.
Spartanburg , SC
7:00 p.m.

Friday , October 14th
Rhythm & Brews
221 Market St.
Chattanooga , TN
10:30 p.m.

Saturday , October 15th
Wild Wing Cafe
5530 Windward Parkway
Alpharetta, GA
10:00 p.m.

Friday , October 21st
Gallery Night @ Downtown Pensacola
2 S. Palafox Place
Pensacola , FL
7:00 p.m.



Thursday , November 10th
XS Live
700-b Gervais St.
Columbia , SC
9:30 p.m.

Friday , November 11th
Wild Wing Cafe
2145 Roswell Rd Ne
Marietta, GA
10:00 p.m.

Friday , November 18th
The White Lepard Crue
featuring members of Slippery When Wet
37 Main
37 E Main St
Buford, GA
10:00 p.m.

Saturday , November 26th
Wild Wing Cafe
3035 Washington Rd.
Augusta, GA
10:00 p.m.


Bryan Adams

My dear friend has an endearing obsession with the music of Bryan Adams. She has been to only one of his concerts but hopes to attend many, many more. His velvety voice and ballads melt her heart and since a young age of about 7, she hasn’t stopped listening the soul moving music of her utmost favorite artist, Bryan Adams.

Click on link to see official site of Bryan Adams.

Elephants Wind-Trumpeting for the Community–an article about ElephantsWind (via ElephantsWind)

This is so cool!

Elephants Wind-Trumpeting for the Community--an article about ElephantsWind This article was written by ModelonMe, a fellow wordpress blog author.  I thank her greatly for composing and posting the article. Click the link to see the article on her page. Elephants Wind-Trumpeting for the Community. Lately, I have been wondering about the community in which I live–granted it is at the beaches of North Carolina. Litter is everywhere and people are friendly but not what would be known as overly charming. Upon stumbling upon … Read More

via ElephantsWind

Elephants Wind

My dear friend Anna has been working diligently on a website/blog. Please check it out and help her get lots of hits!

Elephants Wind

A bit for now!

Well! I am very proud and excited of my new blog here. Thanks to the help of my friend Anna who did and will continue to help me out with this endeavor (hopefully). Im not great with the technology and designing and knowing what’s what, and she really stepped in and helped me out with all of this. And it looks fab!

As you can see from the name of this blog, I am a chick who loves live music and watching concerts. I am into lots of different genre’s of music and my concert going reflects that to a degree. I have been to a few stadium concerts, but I prefer to go to smaller venues. I can get up close to the stage and get good photos. In a number of cases I have been able to meet bands and sometimes get photos with them. Im that girl who will usually take the day off and sit in line as early as I can. I despise losing my place in line to people who show up at 10 min before the doors open and wheedle their way in front of me. That is a major uncool move! Now just because I like to be in the front, does not mean I like to mosh. I dont do that!!!!! I simply want to enjoy some live music and a good show and be left in peace. I can tolerate being pushed into a little (after all I am in the front, what do I expect) but I really start to lose my cool when someone pries my hand off the bar in front or repeatedly hits me in the head or hip or wherever because they are rockin out behind me. Another majorly uncool move! Im a be and let be kinda person.

I havent been able to go to as many concerts in 2011 as I had wanted to but there’s still plenty of year left, so I hope to change that! I usually have goals for each year…sometimes I meet them, sometimes I dont. This year for instance, some of my goals were to go see a concert at least once every other month, get to the mountains to do some hiking, lose about 60 pounds, get my GED, find a reliable car…just to name a few. I have only been to 2 concerts this year, and lost 12 pounds and did find a reliable car. But as I said before, the year is not over so I’m still working on them.

Well, that’s just a little about me and some of the things I like. I will be writing about lots more in the future. So for now I will say, CIAO!!!

Brand New Day

Welcome to a Brand New Day! Life is wonderful and I am so blessed!

Working at a Transfer Station

Working a a garbage transfer station can be a stinky job but it is very rewarding. The pay is good and there is lots of eye candy.